Nonprofit Resource Center


For many years the Resource Center for Nonprofit Management (RCNM) was an independent nonprofit and struggled to provide necessary resources to the nonprofits in Riverside County.  In 2007, the Board of Directors of Community Connect learned that RCNM was no longer able to sustain and the Board recognized the critical void that would leave for Riverside County nonprofits.  In 2007, Community Connect legally incorporated the RCNM as a program of Community Connect. Shortly afterwards the name of RCNM was changed to the Nonprofit Resource Center (NRC).

Thanks to the support of Riverside County nonprofits, funders, and community members NRC has grown into the recognized leader in Riverside County providing community data, education, information, organizational assessments and strategic planning, event planning, volunteer recruitment, technical assistance, resources, and networking to help enhance the services of hundreds of nonprofits and their leaders.

Each year, NRC hosts over 25 workshops, the Annual Nonprofit Conference, funder forums, and networking mixers, a registry of expert consultants and provides hundreds of hours of technical assistance.  In addition, NRC hosts the Foundation Library containing over 98,000 funders and thousands of grant opportunities.  A library of over 750 books, available for check out by nonprofits, is hosted at the NRC office. NRC has become the communication system for nonprofits with an email blast system listing over 3000 agencies.

Opportunity Workshops

Workshops, seminars, and webinars such as; grant writing, financial safeguards, volunteer management, fundraising, emerging nonprofits, workplace wellness, and cultural diversity are presented to meet the business education needs of nonprofits.

Annual Nonprofit Conference

The Nonprofit Conference consist of various workshops that meet the training and networking needs of nonprofit leaders and CEO’s. This full day conference is designed to share resources related to viable community solutions, strengthen leadership development skills & create valuable partnerships.

Foundation Directory Online

When it comes to online research sources for funding, you won’t find a more exhaustive resource than the Foundation Directory. Because it’s updated weekly by the Foundation Center, you know it’s accurate. And provides access to 120,000+ foundations and corporate donors, 3 million recent grants and more than half a million key decision makers, it’s comprehensive, too.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services NRC has become the communication system for nonprofits with an e-blast marketing system of over 3,000 contacts. NRC can customize an email marketing campaign fit for your organization.

Nonprofit Fellowship Program

Beginning January 2016 – Every fourth Thursday of the month for eleven months

The Nonprofit Fellowship program is a cutting edge development initiative to train nonprofits leaders with a well-rounded understanding of community.

The Nonprofit Fellowship was established to develop promising nonprofit leaders in a comprehensive manner that provides them with a broad understanding of community development. Our unique approach is to train leaders on the fundamentals of nonprofit work and provide tools that are essential for any nonprofit leader to direct their institution. Nonprofit leaders will participate in an eleven month program consisting of interactive sessions conducted by experts in a variety of disciplines.